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Stages of the R&D


We define together the product(s) you wish to develop and their desired physicochemical characteristics (Appearance, color, viscosity, active ingredients) and their packaging (Pump bottles, Airless, transparent bottles, white, aesthetic jars, etc.).

We also define together the image to which your brand is attached. It is important for the consumer to know which product is intended for him.

We can offer you a formula including:

  • Creation / Realization of your logo.
  • Work on the image of your brand according to your desires.
  • Advice and choice of your containers. (Pump bottles, Airless, transparent, white bottles, aesthetic jars, etc.)
  • Variations according to the product ranges chosen.
  • According to your specifications, production and printing of your visuals. (Realization of labels, flyers, post social networks etc…)
  • Registration of your trademark on the European Portal.

Resell the range with your name

You can also resell the Phytotech range with your name, image and desired packaging.

European regulations are clear. Even if you want to go through our brand. We have to redo the marketing tests. It is a guarantee of safety for both parties. But also safety for the consumer. From the moment you market a cosmetic product under your brand, the transfer of responsibility takes place automatically. You become the legal or physical person responsible for placing it on the market. The authorities if they come to meet you, you will need to have all the documents and the product information file (PID). (see part 4 regulations)


Beyond our cosmetic expertise, we provide you with all our knowledge and all our know-how for the creation of your own range of products. Equipped with quality equipment, our Research and Development laboratory develops for you the formulas of your future products, according to your desires. You can also make a variation of the Phytotech range.

  • Catalog of formulas available.
  • New formulas available.
  • Proposal of concepts of active ingredients and innovative textures.
  • Development of formulas in compliance with regulations.
  • Laboratory tests
  • You test the samples and send us your comments.
  • We make the necessary adjustments and send you a new series of samples for validation.
  • Validation of tests (visual, texture, physico-chemical characteristics, etc.)
  • Packaging stability and compatibility study
  • Launch of prerequisite tests for the selected product: stability, aging in natural light, challenge tests, patch test, eye test, etc.


We then have to do “pilot” tests. Your products will be packaged on a small and medium scale in order to check whether the characteristics and consumer safety of the finished product are still respected.

Thanks to the diversity of our internal equipment, we adapt to small series, medium series as well as the largest, while respecting “Good Manufacturing Practices according to ISO 22716”.

We thus ensure perfect upstream-downstream traceability and constant quality of your cosmetic products.

After each production, all the documents are available to you: production reports, analysis certificates for the finished product.

We package your products with a complete packaging service

  • Filling of pots
  • Filling of vials
  • Labeling
  • Batch number marking


Creation of the product information file (mandatory regulatory file which gathers all the data of each of the raw materials, of each test carried out on the product, your cosmetic product).
Creation and registration of your brand on the European portal.
Bar code creation.

We include all labeling information, in accordance with regulations.

Product marketing file (website photo, social networks, etc.)