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Phytotech Laboratory “25 years at the service of cosmetics”

Compliance with current standards

Our products have undergone or are undergoing if necessary, in accordance with European Regulation 1223/2009, stability, microbiological (challenges tests) and harmlessness tests, controlled and validated by a safety assessor. (Toxicologist).

Concerned about respecting the integrity and specificities of the user and the patient, all our formulations have been studied to reduce the risk of allergies and irritation as much as possible, without losing their effectiveness.

Our manufacturing process meets current standards. From raw material to finished products, each part is identified and tracked by a batch number and a recording is made in our database. After each production, the production sheet, the conformity test and the samples are stored in their respective areas for 5 years.

Phytotech laboratory guarantees total traceability.

ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices

We have in our laboratory, an update and a regular follow-up of our Good Manufacturing Practices “standard iso 22716”. Which is quality assurance, guaranteeing that products are manufactured and controlled in a uniform manner and according to quality standards appropriate to their use and specified in the marketing authorization.

The ISO 22716 standard defines quality and reproducibility standards for cosmetic products so that they can circulate on the European market.
This standard revolves around the production, control, storage and transport of cosmetics. Also, it concerns more particularly the actors of the cosmetics related to these actions: manufacturers of finished products, distributors, importers and exporters.

The good measures described in the ISO 22716 standard to comply with GMP concern the following points:

  • The staff

  • The locals, the residents

  • Equipment

  • Raw materials and packaging items

  • The production

  • Finished products

  • Treatment of out-of-specification products and deviations

  • Waste

  • Outsourcing

  • Complaints and recalls

  • Change management

  • Internal audit and quality department

Our Team

Jean- Paul Escudero

La Direction

Fondateur, Ingénieur Chimiste, 25 années d'expérience au service de la cosmétique.

Cédric Escudero

Responsable qualité

Responsable qualité, Diplômé de l'école de chimie et cosmétique à Grasse, membre actif de la Cosmed.

Cyrille Canneddu

Responsable logistique

20 ans d'expérience au sein du Laboratoire Phytotech

Thomas Canneddu

Responsable Fabrication

10 ans d'expérience au sein du Laboratoire Phytotech

Philippe Romeu

Responsable Sécurité

22 ans d'expérience dans les laboratoires et les audits sécurités.